I'm Shaun O'Neill

I'm a Software Engineer in Ireland

I've spent the last few years designing and building some pretty cool software.
I love playing around with embedded systems and hacking hobby projects together.
I always love meeting new people, so feel free to get in touch! 👋


About Me.

Hey, I'm Shaun, a software engineer from Ireland. I'm a full-stack engineer with a passion for building innovative software solutions. I have experience working with a wide range of technologies, including React, Node, and Python, and I am always eager to learn new skills and explore new technologies.

Currently, I am working as a software engineer at Rapid7, where I have the opportunity to contribute to building robust and secure software solutions. At Rapid7, I am constantly challenged to explore new technologies and collaborate with talented individuals, fostering my growth as a engineer.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I indulge in my love for creating personal web applications and mobile apps as a hobby. This creative outlet allows me to explore new ideas, experiment with different technologies, and bring my visions to life. I find immense joy in designing intuitive user interfaces and seamless user experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Outside of work and personal hobby projects, I enjoy learning about the engineering behind cars. The interest in cars then led me to develop a passion for automotive photography. I'm still learning the ropes of photography, but you can check out some of my work on my Instagram page.

Hacker Graphic


Coming Soon

Stay tuned for updates! 🚀 I haven't gotten around to this section yet.


2022 - Present
Software Engineer II
• Demonstrated an advanced grasp of React.js by designing more complex components and utilizing advanced features, contributing to more efficient and maintainable code.
• Assumed a leadership role within the team, actively participating in code reviews, sharing constructive feedback, and mentoring junior developers, including new engineers and interns, contributing to higher code quality and fostering a collaborative environment.
• Collaborated closely with UX/UI designers and backend developers to translate intricate design specifications into polished, responsive user interfaces, fostering seamless integration between teams and delivering cohesive end-to-end solutions.
June 2020 - January 2023
Software Engineer I
• Develop interactive and engaging web applications using React.js, ensuring optimal performance and seamless integration with backend services.
• Participate in code reviews, offering valuable insights and maintaining code quality, consistency, and best practices within the development team.
• Leverage modern frontend tools and libraries to streamline the development process and enhance the overall efficiency of the team.
• Collaborate with UX/UI designers to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing design-to-implementation process.

Contact Me.

I'm always a very social person, so feel free to send me a message!
You can also find me on Twitter or Linkedin if that's more your speed.