I'm Shaun O'Neill,
A 22 year old full stack engineer.

Full Stack Engineer / Embedded Systems and Computer Engineering Student 💻


About Me


I'm currently 22 years old and I'm living in Dublin, Ireland

Very Social

I'm very easy to contact and I try to respond to everyone!


I started programming from a very young age, check out some of my work!

Engineering Student

I'm studying embedded systems and computer engineering in university!

I'm a 22 year old Irish developer who is based in Dublin. I'm currently studying Embedded Systems and Computer Engineering in university although I spent copious amounts of my free time learning new technologies.

My main area of expertise is front end development although I have real world experience working in various full-stack roles. I enjoy creating modern and highly scalable web applications.

I'm always very easy to contact, be that through email or twitter, so don't be afraid to send me a message! I do my best to reply to everyone!
Shaun O'Neill

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Fake Social

Fake Social

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Fake social media login's for the purpose of educating people to spot the differences! 🔥

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Scammer Bingo

Scammer Bingo

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Description for scammer bingo

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